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World Parkinsons Awareness Day

Garden Village Port Macquarie attended the World Parkinson’s Day Information Expo at the CWA Tearoom at Town Green. The Expo brought together various organisations, service providers, and health professionals working in the community to support people with Parkinson’s. Leslie Williams MP praised the efforts of the Port Macquarie Parkinson’s Support Group Committee and volunteers for organising the expo and bringing the community together.

“Garden Village is pleased to support local awareness campaigns and support groups. The World Parkinson’s Day Information Expo is a great opportunity to raise awareness, support local services, and create connections for our residents. Through collaborative efforts and continued advocacy, our region can be optimistic about improving the lives of individuals and families affected by Parkinson’s,” said Jo McNamara Community Engagement Manager.

Centre Leslie Williams MP, Jody Parkinsons Clinical Nurse, Kim Dahler Port Macquarie Parkinsons Support Group

Local dancer teacher Krista Gilen organised a VeraFlow dance demo to show the importance of keeping active for everyone especially those living with Parkinson’s.

Garden Village Resident Adrian moved to The Banksia in August 2023 from country New South Wales. He said he was pleased to find a local support group in Port Macquarie and enjoys living at Garden Village.

Kate Ford Chilvers Retirement Living Manager said “We have residents and families impacted by Parkinsons and are pleased we can support the community to raise awareness and attend events like this one.”

Kate Ford Chilvers Retirement Living Manager and Adrian Resident from Garden Village

Today’s event raised funds to support the local Parkinson’s clinical nurse program. Parkinson’s Clinical Nurse Consultant Jody Lloyd from Mid North Coast Local Health District works with individuals in Port Macquarie Hastings to help people to manage their Parkinson’s.

Carol Parkinsons Support Group and Trudy resident Garden Village

During the Expo, Kate Ford Chilvers, Retirement Living Manager, and Jo McNamara Community Engagement Manager chatted with attendees and connected with local service providers. The presence of Mid North Coast Local Health District, Dementia Australia, Seniors Rights Service, Dementia Friendly Alliance Port Macquarie, and other helpful allied health organisations demonstrates the growing support available in Port Macquarie Hastings.

Congratulations to Kim Dahler and the Parkinson’s Support Group Port Macquarie for organising a successful event and the CWA for a delicious morning tea.

L-R Annette Noffke Dementia Australia, Jo McNamara Garden Village, Jill Mcdonnell Seniors Rights Service
Jody Lloyd Local Parkinson’s Registered Nurse and Robyn CWA volunteer

About Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s is a complex neurodegenerative disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. Every year, communities come together on World Parkinson’s Day to raise awareness, share information, and support those living with Parkinson’s. Neurological diseases are the world’s greatest contributor to disability – and Parkinson’s is the most prevalent neurological condition. There are currently more than 200,000 people living with Parkinson’s in Australia, including more than 69,000 people in NSW.

Facts about Parkinson’s disease:
  •  Parkinson’s is more prevalent than breast, prostate, and bowel cancer combined. Yet it receives far less Government funding than these other diseases.
  • With more than 50 symptoms, Parkinson’s is complex, misunderstood, and in some cases misdiagnosed.
  • Men are twice as likely to be diagnosed with Parkinson’s than women.
  • Common Parkinson’s symptoms include shaking and tremor, rigid and stiff muscles, slowness of movement and a frozen facial expression.
  • Non-motor symptoms include anxiety, fatigue, pain, sleep problems, depression, eating and swallowing and more.
  • Loss of smell and small handwriting may be an early sign of Parkinson’s.


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